Thursday March 25, 2000 Connemara
Region: Western

The Twelve Pins Hotel
This was our first minotel in which we stayed.

One of the local sheep.  The sheep were allowed to roam free.  The farmers kept up with whose was whose by spray painting them with a specific color.

An old abandoned farm house.

We found a trail off the beaten path that housed a  lake, some rivers, and more moss than we have ever seen.

The town of Roundstone along the coast on our way to Clifden.

In Ireland there are kegs everywhere you look.

Clifden is the capital of the Connermara county, with the Twelve Bens mountain range as a backdrop.

Kylemore Abby
Kylemore, a 19th-century home, which now houses a girls' boarding school.

The mountains and the lake at Kylemore

The little cathedral at Kylemore.

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